Boise State University Slydr


Half size? We recommend sizing down to the nearest whole size. 

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The Hype Co. Slydr is custom made for each University and packed with intricate details that allows fans to proudly showcase their University without sacrificing quality and comfort.Every detail on the Slydr has been customized including: 

  • Customized, asymmetrical straps designed to be loud and show off the Boise State University logo
  • Bold color-coordinated camo insoles that bring the Broncos' colors to life
  • B-shaped outsoles to leave your mark on campus

Incredibly soft, multi-color camo insoles made custom for the Broncos.

Long-lasting rubber outsoles featuring repeating B logos to leave your mark everywhere you walk.

Premium materials, construction, and fit to carry you everywhere your passions take you.


Every slide features a custom, repeating logo outsole so you can leave your mark everywhere you walk. 


Team logos are vibrant and jump of the slides so there are no questions to your allegiance. 


Insoles are color matched to make sure you stand out on game day with our super soft camo insoles. 

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